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" I’m almost human. #RnRHOFparty ” - @AndyBVB  

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Good Morning



You yawned quietly and opened your eyes slowly. The sun shone right through the opened window and tickled the tip of your nose. A quick look at the watch which stood on the small table next to your bed revealed you that it was already noon.You rubbed your tired eyes and turned around, only to be greeted by Andy’s peacefully sleeping figure.

He came home from tour the day before, tired as hell. Even though you told him to go to bed and rest, he insisted to spend some time with you. You were more than happy that he wanted to spend time with you even though he was tired but on the other side, he needed to sleep. He was working so hard, nearly overworking himself. Because you didn’t want to argue with him, you agreed with a small smile and so you watched a movie together.

Halfway through the movie, Andy laid down on the sofa with his head on your lap and about 10 minutes later he fell asleep. You sighed quietly and played with his hair until the movie ended, then woke him up so that he could go to bed. Without any protests he stood up and followed you to the bedroom. After you were both ready to sleep, you laid down, wrapped your arms around each other and within seconds Andy was asleep again.

You smiled softly as you watched him sleep. His arms were still around you and he held you like a teddy bear. “Andy, time to wake up”, you said quietly as you began to trace his eyebrows. He stirred in his sleep, but didn’t wake up. Your finger trailed down to his nose, over his cheek and over his lower lip. He pursed his lips slightly, making you giggle quietly. “Come on baby, wake up”, you kissed his cheek softly, but he still didn’t wake up.

You sighed but smiled and tried to wriggle out of his arms and just as you were about to stand up, his arms encircled your waist again and he pulled you back. You let out a surprised yelp and stared at his now opened eyes.

“Good morning”, he grinned, still a bit tired. His voice was deeper than usual, making you blush a little. He leaned closer and pecked your lips lovingly, rubbed his nose against yours. “Where you about to leave me?”

Read More jeez. ummmmm, I like it  I like it a lot, I wanna see one talkin about a everyday evening

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